Attractions in the area

Discover the pearls of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and spend the night at the Nature Centrum Guesthouse!

We have compiled a list of attractions (not exhaustive) that should not be missed if you are in this area.

-Géberjén: Ogre Farm- Sulyom Study Trail
-Cégénydányád: Kölcsey-Kende Castle
-Túristvándi: Watermill
-Nagyar: Luby Castle
-Nagygéc: National Memorial Park, Temple of Preservation
-Tákos: Reformed Church
-Csaroda: Reformed Church
– Vásárosnamény: Atlantika Aquapark
-Nyírbátor:  Castle of Bathory
-Szatmárcseke: Boat Headboard Cemetery

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